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127 Staff Road, opposite GPO, Ambala Cantt.

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Fee Structure – 2020-21
One time charges at the time of new admission only
  Nur to UKG I to V VI to X XI & XII
Admission Fee 10000.00 10000.00 10000.00 11000.00
Security (Refundable) 4500.00 4500.00 4500.00 4500.00
Bi-Monthly Charges (Fees)
Classes April June August October December February Total
Nur to UKG 7400.00 7400.00 7400.00 7400.00 7400.00 7400.00 44400.00
I to V 7850.00 7850.00 7850.00 7850.00 7850.00 7850.00 47100.00
VI to X 8450.00 8450.00 8450.00 8450.00 8450.00 8450.00 50700.00
XI & XII 8900.00 8900.00 8900.00 8900.00 8900.00 8900.00 53400.00
1. A lumpsum discount of Rs.1750/- will be forwarded to the parents if they pay complete fees at one time.
2. Rs. 675/- per month will be forwarded to the siblings.
3. The Fee & Funds once paid are not refundable/non transferable under any circumstances.
4. Registration is No Guarantee for Admission.
5. Registration charges are strictly not refundable.
6. Parents are requested to pay the fee by 10th of due month else they have to pay late fee fine
of Rs.10/- per day till the fee is received.
7. Please pay the fee strictly according to the fee schedule, otherwise your ward shall not be
allowed to sit for the examination.
8. While paying your ward fee please make sure that all three slips are duly filled in with correct amount,
name of parents, class, section and admission no. of the students.
9. Fee is to be paid in Cash or through Cheque of PNB only at (PNB B.O.) Staff Road, Ambala Cantt
near the school premises between 10:00 hrs to 01:00 hrs.
10. Fees for the whole session is chargeable on Bi-Monthly basis.
11. Parents are required to clear complete fee dues and funds of the running session by 10th February of
every year, failing which the name of the child will be struck off from the school’s enrolment.
12. Bank as well as school office will remain open during vacation period except on notified
holidays and Sundays.
13. Fee also can be paid online through School Mobile App  – Edusecure.in/cecilconvent.
14. Transportation, Stationery, Uniform Charges are not included in the above structure.
15. Only One Discount/concession will be granted.