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127 Staff Road, opposite GPO, Ambala Cantt.

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Principal Message

My greetings to all the readers!

The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. We ignite the human spirit and the mind of our wards and we teach them what to think and how to think. Thus, they can continue to grow and broaden their horizons, which is the object and reward of learning. Apart from the knowledge of facts, we emphasize on the knowledge of values and weave a variety of educational experiences into the fabric of school life. Our aim is the holistic development and nurturing of the unique qualities of each individual child entrusted in our care.

Our approach is student oriented and goes beyond text books, classrooms and boundaries. The school provides certain guidelines so as to help and guide the parents to prepare and motivate their wards for scholastic and co- scholastic pursuits in advance To fulfill our educational aims, I look forward to building up strong alliances with all our collaborators in education: the parents, the faculty, the administrative staff and our esteemed management. I acknowledge the contribution of all who have helped in the growth of this institution. It isthe weaving of these individual threads that has created the rich tapestry of Cecil Convent School, Ambala Cantt.

The essential qualities I wish to foster in them are love, integrity, humility, courtesy, wisdom and charity. A special thanks to parents for their co-operation and keeping faith in us. Without your support and confidence, the school alone cannot produce the expected results.