Cecil Convent School since its inception in the year 2004, is an elite co-educational school with a

valued heritage, strong ethos of mutual respect and courtesy inculcated by our experienced

faculty. Our Vision and philosophy is reflected in the unstinted efforts of our pedagogues day in and

day out in the environs of our school as we provide excellent standards of academic guidance

enriched with vibrant co-curricular activities to enhance the holistic development of your ward.

Cecil Convent School was established on a century old motto Trust is a Tradition by a renowned and

reputed group of family jewellers in Northern India. The school with over a decade of progress in

service to the society in the field of education has built trust amongst thousands of students and their

parents. The management has a mission to educate every child, especially the girl child, by nurturing

and developing their formative years that they spend in the school and as part of the community as a


Cecil Convent School continues to offer a plethora of avenues in education by keeping abreast of the

dynamic transforming times and ushering in changes in the classroom through its teaching facilitators

as they engage the 21st Century learner through innovative applications and software applications.

The school actively develops an awareness of Safety, Healthy Living, Leadership Skills, Resilience,

Independence and the Care of the elderly and vulnerable in our society.

The process of edification is manifold encompassing academics, sports, fine arts, cultural activities

including the inculcation of ethical principles. This blend of poise and confidence is administered in a

seamless manner by the committed faculty, to create positive learning experience for the student.

We the Members of School Management Committee, are pleased to be associated with the

development of the school and look forward to many more Firsts that will be achieved by the school.

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