TAEKWONDO/YOGA/GYMNASTICS Taekwondo became popular in 1955. The word taekwondo is composed of three parts -"Tae " means foot/leg. “Kwon" means right and "do" means a way of discipline. To graduate from yellow to black belt the exam is held by experts from the organization. The next level for Black 1 to Black 10 exam will be conducted in the stadium, with participants from all over the country. Exams are conducted once in six months for Yellow to Red to Black belts and once in a year for ‘Black 1 to Black 10. This sport is popular amongst both the boys and girls at school who have won medals at the District and National levels. Yoga and fitness classes like Aerobics are held once a week for all classes. March past and Drills are held for the Primary Wing. On a lighter note, the best way to ensure completion of a task is the threat that an erring student would be made to skip his favourite Sports period. This bears testimony of the much awaited Sports period that is held at least twice a week per class.


Vollyball/badminton/Basketball These outdoor games are optional for the students. The boys prefer Volleyball and friendly matches between classes and Houses are the order of the day whenever there is a free period for a class. Fiercely competitive and fast-paced, this game is a great crowd puller and has even teachers cheering during a match. Basketball and Badminton are popular with the girls and as the courts are separate the girls compete and play without being interrupted by the boys. Cricket is the favorite sport for the young students between the ages of 8-13years.


YOGA/KARATE/ GYMNASTICS/SKATING Cecilians are motivated to be active in sports and have achieved laurels in the arena of sporting events like Wrestling, Karate, Gymnastics, Taekwondo and Skating. Teamwork is Dream Work is the mantra that is adopted by us to encourage healthy competition amongst students.


WUSHU Wushu or Chinese Kungfu is a Martial Art similar to Karate that has been introduced in the school to equip the students in self defence The forms comprise basic movements like Stances, Kicks, Punches, Balances, Jumps, Sweeps and Throws. The Competitive Challenges highlight ones strength. Tournaments have brought many a girl student actively participating and bringing laurels to the school.

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