“Reading Maketh a Man” is a well known adage and in sync with this adage, Cecil provides

a wide range of reading material to the young inquisitive minds. Fiction, comics,

encyclopaedias, autobiographies, magazines, we-have them all, digitally categorized for easy

access as well as to enlighten the young reader. The tech-savvy generation of students is

encouraged to develop the habit of reading and hone their reading skills.

Scholastic Book Exhibitions are regularly held by well known publishers. To encourage the

reading habit, a story teller is also available for the junior scholars.

Cecil provides three large and well equipped Science- Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs

and Two Computer labs for the tech savvy generation adding to their skills and development

and to aid in learning. It helps excite curiosity and encourages the habit of asking and

discovery in the learner- through experimentation and project work. Projects that provoke

research through development are assigned on a regular basis during the academic year to

bring out the best in students. The school is in the process of introducing an English and

Mathematics labs too

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